Accommodation Unit

Accommodation Unit

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Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) is basically a composite material or fiber-reinforced plastic (manufactured in sheet form), which is like graphite-reinforced plastic is commonly referred to by the name of its reinforcing fibers (fiberglass). GRP is mostly available in the form of chopped strands mat (CSM) or woven fabrics. It is thermo setting, most often polyester or vinylester, but other plastics, like epoxy (GRE), are also used. 

Some of the features of GRP Accommodation unit are as follows:

  • Plastic resins of the GRP provides immense compressive strength

  • The glass fibers lends string tensile force (glass can be specifically places in those portions of the structure which will experience tensile loads)

  • Constructed from a single ply GRP laminate which is applied in situ to good quality ply or OSB3 decking