Security Guard Cabin

Security Guard Cabin

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Kothari’s Portable Cabins are renowned as a trusted brand for manufacturer of portable security cabins in India. Since the establishment of the company, clients have received great excellence Security guard cabin that have successfully served requirements of our customers. These Security guard cabins are manufactured in GI material which gives a good strength to the Security cabin. This helps the Portable security cabin to withstand all the weather conditions. These Porta cabins are good options for security guard cabin purpose in remote areas where high security is required. Along with the security cabins, We also offered toll booth cabins with standard sizes at very affordable price rates.


  • Great Strength

  • Fire proof

  • Water Resistant

  • Convenient to install

  • Easy To Ship cabins


Cabin may be designed as per customer’s specific requirements. However some of the standard sizes are as listed below :

  1. 4’ x 4’ x 7’

  2. 6’ x 4’ x 7’

  3. 8’ x 6’ x 8’6”

  4. 10’ x 10’ x 8’6”